Music of the Brain – is a new nonpharmacological method that treats sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, vegetative disorders, some clinical symptoms that are present in alcoholics and drug addicts and also for facilitation of adaptive capabilities of people who work in an extreme environment.
The main idea of this method is to change a current functional stage of the brain by listening to music that has been recorded after transforming the patient’s brain waves into the sound tracks by using specially designed computer software.

More then 5000 patients with different neurological and psychiatric disorders have been treated with “Music of the Brain” since 1993. Until today the biggest success of using the “Music of the Brain” has been achieved in the treatment of insomnia, depression, anxiety, panic attacks as well as increasing adaptive capabilities of healthy people.
By the information obtained from World Health Organization, 64% of the population is suffering from sleep disorders.

Currently the pharmacological treatment of such disorders is clearly a leader among other methods. But the problem is, that all those medications are psychotropic and they may initiate drug addiction, withdrawal syndrome and a necessity to continuously increase the dose of the medication in case of long-term use. It could also trigger allergic reactions and gastro intestinal tract disturbances.

All of the above, plus the fact that people are cautious to the medications are explains that the invention of the new nonpharmacological methods appears to be very important. Another important issue is to control the emotional and physical conditions of people who work under permanent pressure – also known as “Operator’s activity”, this is a base of the modern business management. “Operator’s activity” is the need to make important decisions in circumstances of restricted time. That means that the President of the country, businessperson, banker, nuclear plant operator, pilot, driver, military personnel and Sportsmen are all involved in an “operator’s activity”.
Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary to have the opportunity to maintain or to form a new appropriate functional stage in order to adequately respond to the situation. It is also important to be able to relax, which is very helpful in the recuperative process after intensive mental or physical work.

In order to prove efficiency and safety of the method “Music of the Brain” and to meet the requirements, we performed a double blind research with placebo. We used “music of the brain” of different patients as a placebo.
The results of this research confirmed high efficiency of the method and showed that it is also absolutely safe, as there were no indications of side effects or complications.
The method “Music of the Brain” is officially recognized and has been awarded with a certificate of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

From 1993 the method “Music of the Brain” was introduced on professional forums in Russia and in other countries many times initiating true interest of our colleagues.

All of the above give us an opportunity to be optimistic about the development of our method and its wide invasion in medical practices.

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