This method was hidden form specialists, until 1996. It has become possible to create the remote “terminals” that are able to be placed in any medical office due to the fast growing Hi-technology, particular PC and The Internet.

The terminal usually consists of a PC, equipment for EEG recording, for music transmission, and recording. On the PC specially designed software “Brain Sound Express” is installed in order to create a file, which contains all necessary patient information including five-minute four-channel EEG record. This program works in a semi-automatic mode and therefore is very user-friendly.

A created file is sent via The Internet to the central office for analysis. The data then is processed by the company specialists and musical patterns are created using software “Brain Sound Compiler”. Patterns are then sent back to the remote terminal with recommendations for usage. The only task left for the team at remote terminal is to record music on a CD and give it to the patient. This is how we work with most of our partners in Russia and overseas. Currently it is possible to transform the data sent from any EEG amplifier, if the equipment has the capability to save the data and convert it into EDF (European Data Format).

In conclusion we will highlight the main steps of the job:

• Collecting patient information
• 5-minute EEG recording
• Sending e-file to the Central Laboratory in Moscow via E-mail
• Transforming the EEG into music
• Sending a music file to a remote terminal via E-mail
• Recording the music file on a CD
• Listening to the music by the patient as recommended.

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