More then 5000 people including children in Russia, Canada, France, Italy and other countries have already got rid of insomnia, depression and many other pathological conditions by being treated with the “Music of the Brain” technology. Very prominent success has been achieved by using the method “Music of the Brain” in professional sportsmen and students in order to increase performance.

The indications for using “Music of the Brain” method:

• Sleep disorders
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Migraine
• Emotional Stress
• To increase work capability and attention
• To speed up the recuperative process after intensive physical or intellectual work
• Quickly and easily eliminate “Jet lack” syndrome and is also very helpful for night shift workers
• Vegetative disorders
• Treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction in addition to other methods

In children:

• Enuresis
• Speech disorders
• Involuntary movements
• Mental and physical retardation
• Attention deficit disorder (dramatically increases the percent of learned material during the classes)

For Sportsmen:

• Increases emotional well being and endurance during training session and competitions, which in turn increases the results
The process of treatment includes 3 steps:
• 5-minute recording of brain waves
• Obtaining the CD or audio tape with “Music of the Brain”
• Listening to the individually created music that lets people feel calm and full of strength.

Advantages of “Music of the Brain”:

• Proved (double blind research has been administered) high efficiency (82-85%) with incredible positive results.
• Using the method is safe and is free of side effects and complications
• Applicable and accessible for any age group of people.
• Easy to use under any circumstances and in any environment.
• The possibility to combine “M of B” with other methods of treatment.

“The sensational presentation of the method “Music of the Brain” by Dr.Yakov Levine, MD, Professor of Medicine, Director of the Sleep Disorders Center at the I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy, lead to a very interesting and long discussion among his colleagues.

Dr. Y. Levine and his collaborators have created a very efficient and unique method of treatment of insomnia, depression, anxiety etc.”
(“Medicinskaya gazeta”, 2000, ? 47).

“It does not matter what mood stage we are in, at any single moment we are under control of the bioelectrical signals of the brain. That’s exactly what Dr. Levine’ team have transformed into the music by a specially designed algorithm…It appeared that the music of the brain is an effective method of treatment of the neurological, psychiatric and other psychosomatic disorders.
Positive results have also been observed in the treatment of alcoholism and sexual disorders…”
(Newspaper “Vek”, 1998, ?18).

Dr. Patrick Lemyan , M.D., Chief of the department of Biological Psychiatry at Levinatie Hospital (Lyons, France)
“…it is safe to say, that the “Music of the Brain” positively affect subjective sleep evaluation tests and the mood status of people”.

Feedback from the patients:

“During listening to the “Music of the Brain” on the first day, I didn’t feel anything. From the second day until the fourth day I had a headache in the frontal area of the head while listening to the “music”.
On the fifth day of listening to the “music” I completely got rid of Diazepam.
I have good quality sleep now, my teeth have stopped hurting and I am reacting adequately to all things that would bother me a lot before.”

Feedback from patient’s parent:

“The third marking period of the school session my son finished with straight “A”. He has had tremendous relief from fatigue that he had been suffering from. Now it takes Slava less time to finish his homework. Most of the homework he is now doing by himself without any help from adults”.

Add your own “Music of the Brain” into your first aid kit.

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